June 5 Team Hunkered Down at 11,200′

Our guide Karl Welter called in from Camp 2 on the West Buttress, located in a stunning basin at the elevation of 11,200′.  The team slept in this morning, ate a big breakfast and then dropped downhill to the site of their cache from a couple days ago.  They are double carrying their way up the mountain, and when they made their carry above Camp 1, they dropped their kit at about 10,200′, so today, they descended to retrieve their kit.  This made for a relatively easy day, with about a 30 minute descent and a 1.5 hour climb back up to camp.

It has been snowing lightly, so the team spent the afternoon in their tents or in the relative luxury of their kitchen tent, which is a really nice, warm refuge when the weather gets a bit funky.

Here is Karl!


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