Final dispatch: May 28 Denali team

With plenty of adventures, twists, turns (and way too many laughs to count), the May 28 Mountain Trip team returns to Anchorage happy and satisfied, having placed all 5 clients on the summit. The international relations of our team members provided plenty of banter and smiles along the way, often providing the catalyst for “solving the worlds problems” over guide-cooked dinners of enchiladas, calzones and chicken cordon bleu.

In the end, Denali smiled on us. Some good weather up high provided a means for everyone to summit, and we escaped to the landing strip just before the next big storm rolled in.

The guide team would like to thank Pete, Roland, Mike, Mark and Angus for a fantastic trip. We appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to make this trip a huge success!


Con, Josh and Fischer



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