June 11 Denali team retrieves cache below 14,200′

Mountain Trip lead guide Ian Nicholson called in with an update on the June 11 Denali West Buttress team.

Although weather has kept the teams at 14,200′ aiming to go higher in their place, the June 11 team was still able to be productive and retrieve their cache down at 13,500′. They now have all of their supplies, and will potentially spend today caching up high, weather permitting.

With high winds on the upper mountain expected to continue, the team will be able to spend some time catching up on their reading and building up calorie reserves for the steepest and most strenuous sections of the route ahead of them.

Here’s Ian with a quick update (and a shout out to Rebecca and little Henry):

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  1. Jonathan

    Congratulations to all. Especially Dave, what a hero. Keep on going, and come back safe and victorious.

  2. Judith Schuler Schmuki

    Dear Remo and mountain friends
    we wish you a lof of patience, nice food and compagny (jassen?) while waiting for better/nice wheahter. Enjoy Sunday!
    your 3 woman team of Cham/Swizterland

  3. John Waller

    Shout out the Dave ‘the big man’ Porter. From HIS best friend John.

  4. Smithson

    Guwon Dave!

    Really impressed so far, sure there’ll be stories to be told. See you when you’re back!

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