June 15 Denali team still in Base Camp due to weather

Lead guide Sean McManamy called in with a trip dispatch yesterday evening, and provided an introduction for climber Fan Zhou, who gave us an update on the June 15 West Buttress Expedition.

The team is receiving a little bit of patience training courtesy of Mother Nature, as they have been forced to stay in Base Camp for three days now due to rain, snow, wind and whiteout conditions. Fan said that the team has enjoyed some “Base Camp” gourmet, as some of the guides like to call it, since meals at Base Camp don’t need to skimp on weight since they will not be carried further up the mountain.

Fingers crossed that the weather clears before the team finishes all of their books and begins to develop the unavoidable cabin (tent) fever that seems to set in after a few days of immobility due to a storm. Fan sounded optimistic and said that all team members are in good spirits!

Here’s Fan and Sean with the update:

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