May 4 Denali Team – Manish Calls From Camp 2

Manish Kumar Deka called in a nice post from Camp 2 at 11,200′ on Denali.  The team carried a load of gear and supplies up to an elevation of around 13,500′ today, where they cached it in the snow.  Today was the first “real climbing” of the trip, as they donned crampons and used their ice axes to provide security as they ascended the steepest slopes they have yet encountered.

Immediately above Camp 2 rises a 1000′ hill known as Motorcycle Hill.  Above are a series of shorter, but steeper slopes collectively known as Squirrel Hill, that lead to the base of the West Buttress proper.  The team hiked along the steep slopes of the Buttress to a point where they could turn past its rocky crags and head north toward the large “Genet Basin,” where they will ultimately make their next camp.

About an hour shy of the basin, they dig a deep hole in the hard, wind-packed snow and buried their supplies before dropping back to the 11,200′ basin for the night.

Here is Manish!

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  1. Hi Andrew Kiddier are you in this group is it possible to let me know.
    Thinking of you and the others you are with hope it’s not to cold .

    Love you lots and lots
    Mum & Dad XXXXX

    • Hi Linda! I just sent you an email, but Andrew will be on our May 13th West Buttress team. his team’s blog will go live this evening.
      Kind regards,
      Todd Rutledge
      Director/Mountain Trip

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