DSUSA Denali Team – Jason Checks In From Camp 2

The Warfighters of the Disabled Sports USA 50th Anniversary Team are making great progress up North America’s tallest mountain.  They loaded up their packs and sleds with all their camp and kit this morning, and set out to hike it all up a long series of hills known as “Ski Hill” that rises just outside of their Camp 1 at 7800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier.

This is a long, tough day and they hiked past the cache of supplies they had deposited deep in the snow yesterday, stopping briefly to grab some shovels from the cache.  Continuing up, they climbed a last, long slope that led them into a stunning basin, flanked with steep cliffs of ice to the south, and steep snow and rocky crags to the east and north.  This basin will be the site of their Camp 2 for the next several nights.  At an elevation of 11,200′, it affords nice views out of the Alaska Range, and across the river-laced tundra to the west.

The team has been graced with blue skies and amazing weather.  Tomorrow, they plan to drop back down to retrieve their cache of equipment and supplies.  Hopefully, they’ll have another nice day!

Here’s Jason!

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