Zahid Team heads down the mountain

The team headed down the mountain today and they are back down at Camp 1 at 7,800 ft tonight.  It was a hard decision to come down, but Mohammed hasn’t been feeling great and after consulting with our medical advisor and other doctors, they concluded that they better head down.  Everyone is feeling the benefits of the additional oxygen and warmer temps down almost 7,000 ft lower, and they plan to hike the rest of the way to base camp in the morning.  They’ll be flying out tomorrow if the weather permits.

Here’s Eli with the update from the team.


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  1. Valiant effort, gentlemen. I know every urge was propelling you up that mountain and it must have been incredibly difficult to overcome that. Well done doing so and in getting to where you did. Denali will be there another day. I expect you will be as well. Onward!

  2. FOD
    May the success that you have achieved during this arduous trek be engrained in you gentlemen. This trial will forever make you stronger, more determined and yet expand your humility……your time will come again.
    Great victory!

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