Today at Everest Base Camp

Jacob sent a video from basecamp today giving an idea of what’s happening as they wait for their summit push.  There’s always a bit of anxiety around this time, trying to relax, but excited to get going and head for the summit!

The route on the South Side of the mountain is still in the process of getting fixed to the summit.  Sherpa teams have fixed ropes as far as the Balcony, above the S. Col, and are preparing for the final push to the summit any day now.  They need some good weather to work up there at over 8000 meters.

Click the link to watch the video, or follow this link to our Facebook page where it’s posted!

Everest Base Camp Mt Trip 2017

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  1. Thank you for the video and the message. Looks like you are “sitting tight” as that
    camera rolled around showing the surrounding area. Will be watching closely for
    further updates. Thank you, Sandy

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