May 15 Denali Team – Bracing Against The Cold!

Lead Guide Josh Garner called in from 14,200′ on the West Buttress route of Denali.  The team has been managing the extreme cold that has made progress slow for all teams on the mountain over the past week.  Josh reports that it was close to -40F overnight, which aligns pretty closely with what our other teams reported.

It sounds like the team has accepted that they can’t go anywhere anytime soon, so they are enjoying their vacation of snow camping!  It is important to accept the things that you just cannot control and let go, when the mountain won’t let you move.  They have plenty of food, fuel and good company, as there are three other Mountain Trip teams camped alongside them.

Here’s Josh!

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  1. Hey Guys It sounds like a bear up there. I hope things improve for people soon so you can continue on. Hey Shaun I can see what kind of steel your made of, you would have made a great Marine. Stay safe and healthy.

    Your good friends, Greg and Elaine

  2. Hello Eric and crew,
    Up to a balmy -8 degrees?…..I hope you are enjoying your “vacation.” Are you up for a warm Caribbean cruise after this? Absolutely beautiful photo you sent! Sounds like some good camaraderie up there at 14,000 feet, with gorgeous views. Love you and still hoping you make summit.

  3. Hi Eric and fellow climbers, you would never believe how hot it is back here at
    Home “HA HA”. Hoping you get a chance to go on. We’ll be monitoring daily. Good Luck and be safe.

  4. Hi Shaun,
    Thinking about you, praying for you. Hope the weather breaks and you can proceed to your goal! Praying for wisdom for your guides. Stay warm and safe.


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