May 11 Team – Acclimatization Hike in the COLD!

Our May 11 Mountain-Network West Buttress team is still waiting for an opportunity to move up the mountain to High Camp.  It has been unusually cold this season and the team reported -45C temperatures during the night!  Fischer Hazen called earlier and said he was warm enough in his tent, but he was wearing every stitch of clothing he brought while in his sleeping bag!

Everyone is doing well and the team is in good spirits, despite the long time waiting, and waiting for the weather to improve.  This has been an unusually long stretch of bad weather, even by Denali standards.  Fortunately, the team has plenty of food and they are doing their best to remain motivated.

The forecast does not look great for the weekend, but seems to indicate that winds will abate a bit early next week.  The extreme cold looks like it will continue, so even a moderate wind will result in extremely cold wind chill, so the team is hoping to see a sunny day in which they can move high and hopefully punch out a summit bid.


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