May 28 Shan West Buttress Team back at Camp One

Guide Taylor Pyle called in with an update on the May 28 Private West Buttress Expedition, after bringing guide Glenn Cramer back to Base Camp to fly out, after he sustained a hip flexor injury on a strenuous cache day above Camp One. They were accompanied on their descent by another Mountain Trip guide bringing down a client who had chosen to turn back from the expedition due to physical limitations.

Guides Taylor and Eli then made the trek back up to Camp One at 7,800′, where Taylor rejoined Shan and lead guide Brian Kramp.

Since they have already buried cached up Ski Hill, they hope to move up to Camp Two at 11,200′ today (6/3). With clear weather on the horizon, it is very likely that their next update will come to us from Camp Two.

Here’s Taylor with the quick dispatch:

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