May 22 Denali Team Moved Up To 14,200′

The climbers on our May 22 West Buttress team had a big day yesterday, packing up their camp at 11,200′ and moving everything up around Windy Corner to establish themselves at the huge Genet Basin camp often called “14 Camp.”  This is their third camp of the expedition, and this elevation is an important one for building a foundation of acclimatization.  I would expect they will spend a number of days here.

Everyone did great, but as it was a big day, I expect they were just too busy and/or tired to ring through to our dispatch line.  We did receive one unintelligible message, which may well have been them, trying to share the events of the day.

In any case, they are doing great and should have a pretty easy day today, dropping downhill to retrieve the cache of supplies they buried at 13,500′ a couple days ago.

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  1. Congratulations once again on the strength of your team. Great that the weather has let up a bit and that you moved to 14 Camp. Wondering if it is still as crowded there with teams as it was earlier in the week!

  2. I wonder if that unintelligible message was actually Abe and Jake’s secret twin language … trusting you all had another stunning day up there, and praying for good weather, good health and of course the summit.

  3. 14,200 feet! That’s up there with Mt. Whitney and Mt. Elbert.
    Go Scott, Jake, Abe, and Anna!
    Mike, Jenny, Grant, & Wes Giller!

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