May 22 West Buttress ascended fixed lines to cache below High Camp

Climber Jake Wheeler called in an update on the Mountain Trip May 22 West Buttress Expedition on Denali.

It seems as if teams had a bit of trouble calling in last night, as many of the updates were either cut short, unintelligible, or did not come through at all. We can make out that the team ascended the fixed lines above 14-Camp and burying their last cache on the ridge at around 16,500′ before High Camp at 17,200′.

The team will likely head up to High Camp within the next couple of days.

Here’s Jake with the update. If any of you at home can help us decode this message a little bit more, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jake — was this a dodgy satellite feed or are the merpeople jamming your transmission to guard the secrets of how they feed their young … brilliant listening in on evidence of a good day climbing and great camaraderie among the team — your loyal fan …

  2. We love you Jake, even when f we couldn’t understand most of what you said. Just so happy to hear your voice. Love, G’ma and Papa

  3. Hi Jake! Can’t wait for the next installment of “As Denali Turns”… Hopefully we can hear it next time. Praying for you all and miss you like crazy! Mom

  4. Fantastic progress Wheeler team- you guys are making great progress- sending prayers of abundant energy and clear weather ahead!

  5. The Giller family is following your progress. Amazing !! Love the updates, Jake. Stay strong and focused. We are so proud of you all. A special shout out to sweet Anna. You rock girl!!

  6. Its the epic Mermaid discussion during dinner time. Guide Mick has had childhood fantasy about Mermaid and misses them dearly everyday. Team generally ends up chatting and wondering what the relation would be like between DJ MerMick.
    Great to hear that weather is getting better and you guys are moving swiftly.
    Cant wait to hear about the summit success.

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