May 28 Shan West Buttress Team moves up to 11,200′

Mountain Trip lead guide Brian Kramp called in for the May 28 private Denali West Buttress Expedition, who with the assistance of guide Eli Potter who is moving back up the mountain to meet his team, made the move from Camp One at 7,800′ to Camp Two at 11,200.

Shan also comes on to say hello, but is unfortunately cut off. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a bit more audio from the team tomorrow. She did have just enough time to note that the loads heading up to Camp Two felt “very heavy,” which is certainly true. The team is still carrying a lot of food and supplies at this point in the expedition, as they have only buried one cache so far.

Brian noted that the team will likely take a rest day today, June 4.

Here’s Brian and Shan with the update:

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