Everest 2021 – Puja Ceremony at Everest Basecamp!

Fischer Hazen called in today from Everest Base Camp! The team arrived yesterday, and spent today relaxing and acclimatizing around camp.

The team is looking forward to training and reviewing skills that they will employ when they make their first trip up through the Khumbu Icefall.

The team participated in their Puja Ceremony. This is the time where the climbers pay respect to the mountain and offer blessings to ask for safe passage before heading up onto Mount Everest (Sagamartha). The Puja ceremony consists of a Lama (Monk) and the entire crew participating in prayers, rice throwing, and culminates with daubing all participants faces with flour. The ceremony is about three hours long.

The quality of the recording is a bit spotty, but hopefully you can hear well enough. In the coming days, the team will have their WiFi connection up and running and we will once again start receiving photos and posts from the field.

Here’s Fischer!


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  1. Hope you are all doing well and enjoyed your day of relaxation. Keep well and keep safe.

    Heleen (Australia)

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