Everest 2021 – At Base Camp!

Jacob Schmitz called in today from Everest Base Camp! The team arrived in good style today, with everyone feeling fit and healthy. They were treated to a tasty dinner and a tasty cake for dessert, courtesy of our amazing Base Camp staff.

The plan is to rest and acclimatize for a day or two and review skills that they will employ when they make their first trip up through the Khumbu Icefall.

The quality of the recording is a bit spotty, but hopefully you can hear well enough. In the coming days, the team will have their WiFi connection up and running and we’ll once again start receiving photos and posts from the field.

Here’s Jacob!


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  1. Pleased to read that matters are going according to plan, and that all team members are feeling ‘on top of the world’… (and from the photo, looks like you are having fun).
    May good fortune go with your next moves.
    eB – keep the Orange & Green in sight!

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