Everest Team Acclimatizing at Base Camp, Internet Issues

The Everest Team is doing well and acclimatizing around Base Camp, primarily laying low as the weather has shifted to a low pressure system and they have been experiencing some snowfall. They have been experiencing internet connectivity issues from Base Camp for the past couple of days, so they haven’t been able to send through a dispatch update. We want to let everyone know who is following along that all is well with the team and everyone is in high spirits, and that we have been in communication with them via satellite phones.

They will begin their first rotation up the icefall after the snow subsides and has time to settle in the mountains above. We will post an update from the team as soon as that becomes available. For now, keep in mind that “no news is good news” and that it’s not always easy to get communications through from a high mountain basin at nearly 18,000′, surrounded by massive peaks.

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