May 22 Team Stands on the SUMMIT!!!

The team called in from the top of North America yesterday evening!!! Congratulations to the team! We did get a report that the entire team made it back to High Camp last night after their summit. We are so excited for them and happy to hear that they are on their way down. They will probably take a rest at Camp 3 before descending all the way back down to Basecamp tonight and fly out to Talkeetna in the morning tomorrow.

A 2021 team on the summit ridge

Here’s their recording from 20,310′ (6190m)!:


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  1. We are SO VERY PROUD of you Kathryn! And to all your teammates as well! Your dad is beaming from Heaven! Much love to you all!

  2. Congratulations ! Kathryn, you did the PBK sprinkle on the summit! He was with you all the way for sure ! Have a great trip down, I can’t wait to see your pictures, and hear your stories when you come to row “ The King”.

  3. 3 more women have stood at the top of North America!!! Congratulations to all Team May 22! Huge props to Kathryn, Catherine, and Mary!!! WAY TO GO LADIES!

  4. Kater! You are amazing! Congrats to the May 22 team’s summit! Incredible work and perseverance to all!

  5. Congratulations Kathryn. Sue, Annie and all your friends at Drishti are so proud of you. Your Dad was with you all the way, i know that and I am sure he is very proud of you!
    Congratulations to all your teammates and guides, it takes a serious team work to do that.
    Can’t wait to see you and listen to your story! You are an inspiration!!!!!!

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