May 26 Team Backcarries to 13,200′

Rob and Nathan update us from Camp 3 last night. Thanks Nathan for giving us a run down of what it’s really like to climb on an expedition team! We try our best to convey on our dispatches what teams are doing on the mountain and how it all works. There are a lot of terms specific to this discipline that often warrant explanation, and there are skills and strategies that make more sense when time is given to define them. But we can’t cover everything that goes into these trips, because like Nathan explains, it’s a lot!! And, like Nathan explains, efficiency is so key to preserving time and energy, so these seemingly minuscule skills of how to pack up a tent, how to pack your own things, how to boil water, cook food, etc. really add up to make the trip a success–or not.

The team left Camp 3 at 14,200′ (4328m) today to descend the short walk to their cache site at 13,200′ (4023m), dig up supplies they left there a few days ago, pack it up, and walk back up to Camp 3. The team will spend there remainder of the day resting, hydrating, fueling, and probably practicing some skills they will need to employ as they move up the mountain.

A 2021 team leaving Camp 3

Here’s Rob and Nathan:


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