May 22 Team Moves to High Camp

The team was able to climb up the fixed lines yesterday and move camp to High Camp at 17,200′ (5242m). Hopefully the team only has to spend 3 nights here, but it will depend on the weather and how the team is feeling. The team might be taking a rest day today, as most teams do after getting to High Camp. We look forward to hearing from them tonight to see how they’ve progressed!

Sunset from High Camp

Here’s lead guide Chris:


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  1. So excited about this update. Really thrilled that it’s looking like you’ll get to actually summit. Have been following daily and loving all the updates. Fingers crossed that everyone continues to stay healthy. Sending positive vibes your way from Winnipeg.

  2. Wow! Way to go! High camp, this is very exciting. Thinking of you Kathryn ! I am watching all the way.

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