June 20 Team Returns to High Camp

The June 20 team made it back into High Camp late last night after a long day on the mountain. They tucked into warm bags after being out in the elements for several hours and I’m sure slept very hard. Today they will pack up and start making their way back to Basecamp!

A High Camp sunset

Here’s Jason:


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  1. Well done everyone Many congratulations from the HEAPS family in the UK. Never in doubt. You won’t have to drag that tire on the beach anymore!!!! Come home safe Congratulations again As Kenton would say I am stoked for you

  2. Well done everyone what an achievement so happy for you all, now you just have to get down! Keep safe from a very proud Hateley family all our love, can’t wait to see you Nick in LA xxx

  3. Well done everyone, so happy for you all. Especially sending love to Nick from all of us your a superstar so proud. Safe trip down, see you very soon xxx

  4. Congrats to the entire June 20th team!
    Can’t wait to see our son, Andrew , and hear all the tales of this amazing adventure.
    Thank you to the guides for all the updates,.

    From the Rice’s, Massachusetts

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