June 21 “Team Brazil” Back in High Camp

The June 21 team put in a big effort for a summit attempt yesterday. This is a huge day, covering over 3,000′ of elevation gain and 5.5 miles round trip. The day can take teams anywhere from 10-18 hours to accomplish. During that time, a multitude of factors can come into play and change throughout the day. Things like weather, or route conditions, but also how your team is feeling. Putting in hard work from 17,000′ (5181m) to over 20,000′ (6096m) is no joke. Especially after spending a couple weeks on the mountain working pretty hard at high elevations and in cold weather day after day. Our guides pay attention to each and everyone one of these factors in the environment and for each other teammates, and it is ultimately up to them to make sure they make a call that is in the best interest of the team. Our Team Brazil made it pretty high, over 19,000′ (5791m)! That is still higher than a lot of teams make it. They decided it was in their best interest to turn around, and made it back to High Camp for the night.

A 2021 team on the ridge

Here’s Kyle with the update:


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  1. Hi, this ia Pati from Brasil. We’d like to know if team 21 will try summit again or they will take their way back to Talkeetna?
    Everyone in Brasil is send our best thoughts and wishes. The families are sending all love to the team.

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