May 7 Team Carries To Near Camp 2

Marcus Bailado called in after the team made a carry of supplies up to just below the site of their next camp at 11,000 feet. If you continue to follow the team’s progress, you’ll see this repeated at higher camps as well.

When climbers pack up about half their food, fuel and extra gear and move it up ahead of their camp, they “make a carry” of supplies. In this case, they went a bit over four miles and gained over 2000 feet before they deposited their supplies in a hole dug they in the snow. They dug a deep hole and buried their food at least a meter deep so that ravens, which comb the glacier looking for food, won’t dig into their food bags and eat their Snickers!

After “caching” their supplies, they marked it with tall bamboo wands, geo-located it with GPS, and then descended back to camp for the night. Today gave them a taste of a higher elevation without requiring they commit to it by sleeping up high, which helps build acclimatization.




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