May 7 Team – Dodge’s Team Arrives at Camp 2!

May 7 Team guide, Dodge, sends us an upbeat Mother’s Day dispatch after enjoying a hot meal cooked on isobutane stoves from the camp kitchen – did you know we dig these out of the snow with carved tables and benches?! There is usually a tarp shelter placed over the kitchen and it serves as the team’s common space.

Now that the team has accomplished the long 3,400 ft (1037 m) move to Camp 2 11,200 ft. (3414 m) they have some time for some rest & recuperation! From here the team will leave their tents up for at least a day while focusing on some active rest days and planning their next moves based on weather forecasts to safely move higher up the mountain.

A big push like this on the route can be strenuous but, we’re stoked to hear from Dodge that everyone did amazing and worked really well together as a team to make this happen. Proud work, team!


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