May 10 Team – Jiaojiao’s First Mother’s Day on the Mountain!

We are so happy to hear an update from May 10th team climber & new mother Jiaojiao Qu on Mother’s Day! It’s not every year a new mother is climbing the tallest peak in North America on this holiday but, to our team, it’s “the greatest Mother’s Day gift to be on Denali today!”

Jiaojiao called in after a delicious Mother’s Day dinner with a special shoutout to her husband and one-year-old son back at home! Time on the West Buttress route is incredibly engaging but, missing your loved ones is a real thing.

Luckily, our guides Logan & Joe have continued to keep the climbers well-fed with creative menu items that keep the team fueled – food tastes even better the further you get into the climb! Overall, the team’s spirits are high as they begin to get to know each other’s personalities and form the bonds that will serve them as they move higher up on the route!


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