June 9 Ward Team

Krista Garvey called in on behalf of our June 9th private team with Rich Ward, Eric Larson and her husband Keith.  She sent out Happy Father’s Day wishes to all the team’s fathers!

The team is doing well and plans to move up to 14,200′ tomorrow.  This will be a big day for the crew, as they will gain a good chunk of altitude.  They will climb a series of moderate slopes, before passing the infamous Windy Corner, which hopefully will not live up to it’s name!

Here is Krista!


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  1. Happy Father’s Day Rich. Kristal, thank you for the update. From the day by day descriptions, day 7&8 will have a lot of marvelous views getting to Windy Corner. Hold every moment dear. I have to believe the pictures and information about the trails are just a tease to the reality. I hope the weather holds for the team. Safe climbing. I love you, Mom
    I heard this today “And don’t forget: keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” Casey Kasem

  2. Sending you good thoughts of strength and bright blue skies! So good to hear your voice Krista. Thanks for the update!!!

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