Gigi’s Legacy Denali Team – Carried to 10,000′

Ben Adkison called in a post that was a bit garbled, but the gist of it was that the team is doing great.  Bob and the guides carried supplies up to about 10,000′ to the top of the Kahiltna Glacier and cached it all in a deep hole they dug in the snow.  After burying their load, so that the pesky raves that frequent climbers’ camps and caches could not dine on the fruits of their labors, the team dropped back down to 7,800′ to take a nap under the hot mid-day sun.

The plan is to capitalize on the great weather and push up to make another camp at 11,200′ tomorrow.

Here is Ben!


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  1. There was a shootout on I-5 about 6:30 yesterday which put traffic at a standstill until about midnight.
    I bet your bottlenecks are not like this!
    Sounds like your doing well.



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