Upper West Rib Team – Waiting on The Weather

The team climbed up a bit above their 16,300′ High Camp to further their acclimatization and to stretch their legs a bit.  They have been patient and have taken advantage of any opportunity to move up the mountain, but the weather has been a serious challenge for the team.  They are rapidly approaching their “up or down” day, meaning the time when they will have to make a decision as to whether they go for the summit or drop back down the mountain to Base Camp.  Life waits for no climber, as they say, and these guys have been on their expedition for 20 days.

The forecast isn’t necessarily perfect, but we have seen the forecasts be absolutely incorrect many, many times, so they will plan to wake up early and look out of their tent to make their decision.

Think good weather thoughts everyone!!!  Good luck Scot, Pi and Brian!!!


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