Mr. Hugo Denali Team – Moved To High Camp!

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in from the team’s new home- High Camp!  They worked hard yesterday to push up to 17,200′ and everyone is tucked into their warm sleeping bags for the evening.  It sounded like to day was a pretty nice day to travel and the team took advantage of the break in the otherwise often challenging weather of this climbing season to get to work and move up.

The plan now is to sort of , “Hurry up and wait.”  They will awaken each morning as if it were a summit day and begin their preparations for heading to the top.  This involves eating, hydrating and making certain they have all the necessary kit for the day.  All the while, they will monitor the weather to see if it looks like “a go!”  The forecast is not perfect, but we have learned over the decades that those forecasts are often quite wrong, so the team will look at the conditions above their camp and make a decision.

Here is Jacob!


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  1. You guys are doing great!! thinking about you as you get closer to the summit. Be safe please!! Miss you TMM xoxo

  2. Got to hear your voice today from the news story Kasey…it was a great thing to hear! Glad things are moving forward so quickly and still praying for good weather for y’all to summit soon! We love you very much and miss you terribly! Following you daily!
    Love you~Mom & Dad, B & Kain

  3. Dusty, So good to hear from you at 17,200! We are all praying for good weather for the team and for your safety. Sleep well tonight and hopefully you can summit tomorrow. Kids would like you to bring them a snowball from the top. Does someone have a cooler?

    Love you,


  4. I just realized I could do this, ha! I am praying for you all and I am so anxious to hear how today went. We are all praying for you guys and we love you very much. Kasey, I love you and miss you tremendously! Come home to the triangle and your family!

  5. Dusty,
    Y’all are amazing! Sending our love and praying for y’alls safety and strength.

    Love You,

    Summer, Mom, and Dad

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