June 13th Team Final Dispatch

After pushing up the ridge in moderate winds and light snow, the team was rewarded with a calm and sunny rest day at 17,200′.  The day offered plenty of good photos and a chance for everyone to get ready for the summit attempt the following day.

The alarm in the guides tent went off at 5:30am.  As the door opened that morning the view confirmed our fears for the day.  Overnight, winds had increased, clouds had rolled in and it was snowing lightly.  After watching the weather trend worse for the next five hours, the team decided to call off the attempt and and retreat.  The trip back to base camp was disappointing for all, but went smoothly.  Now everyone is back in Anchorage and preparing to head home.

Overall it was a successful trip, unfortunately we were not able to touch the top.  I know I speak for the rest of the guide team when I say this was an excellent group to work with and we hope to see all you back in Alaska in the future!

Travis Williams
Assistant Guide
June 13th, 2014 West Buttress Expedition

Denali high camp

Looking across the 17,200′ high camp, with the steep upper section of the West Rib in the background.


The June 13 Team descending out of the 14,200′ camp in the alpenglow of the Alaskan evening.


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