June 23 Denali Team – Carried Loads to the Ridge

Dave Bull called in after the June 23 team carried loads up the steep fixed lines and cached them on the ridge that leads to high camp.  This is a tough day, both physically and mentally, as descending steep terrain like the fixed lines are stretched across can be unnerving to most mortals.  Everyone did well and they are now looking for the chance to move up to High Camp for their summit bid.

Here is Dave!


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  1. Best of luck Team Farm Animal (aka June 23 team). Ched’s family wishes you the best as you prepare to summit Denali. We’ll be waiting for a great report and sending all the love, good wishes and super chi there is!

    Amy Gaffney & Elyse Lang
    Sister and niece of Ched

  2. Good luck to you all. June 23rd Team (Farm Animals!!)Will be waiting in anticipation to hear from David Bull as you prepare to summit Denali. Keep safe.

    Thinking of you daily and sending you our love to keep you warm and safe. Much love and hugs, Mum Dad, Rich, Maz, Uncle Paul and all the family xxx

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