Ecuador Team Checks in After Imbabura


A very poor connection prevented a lot of information from being relayed, but our Ecuador Volcanoes team of Alan Frankl and Phil McDonald just climbed two extinct volcanoes, Fuya Fuya (4.263 m/13,986 ft) and Imbabura(4.630 m/15,190 ft) as they acclimatize for an attempt on the third highest peak in the country, Cayambe.

Pablo Puruncajas, a native of Ecuador and one of our lead Denali guides, called in from a beautiful and picturesque Hacienda near the bustling market town of Otovalo, located north of the capital city Quito.  The team is doing great and have been out hiking to gain acclimatization.  This trip is somewhat unique in that Alan’s wife Courtney, and their 2-year old, Sullivan, are along with climbers.

Tonight, they will drive to the climbers’ hut on the 5.790 m/18,996 foot Cayambe, where they will sleep at just over 15,000′.  In the wee hours of the morning, they will start their ascent and we hope to have a call form the summit early tomorrow morning!

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