The Blasics Are Headed to Baños

Vanessa called in after the team turned back from their attempt at climbing Chimborazo, the highest peak in Ecuador.  She referenced conditions not feeling safe and what she was referring to was the amount and intensity of the rockfall hazard that threatens the lower part of the route.  Not too long ago, there was a small glacier that climbers ascended to gain the long glaciated shoulder that leads to the top.  That small glacier has almost entirely melted out, leaving some remnant ice shelves that are all littered with rocks and sloped at an angle toward the trail.  Warm temperatures made for increased hazard when they departed, and bode an unacceptably high hazard for their return, so they decided not to take the risk.

So now they are headed to Baños, often referred to as the Adventure Capital of the country.  This mid-sized town has numerous hot and mineral springs and is situated on the edge of the Amazon basin, at the base of the country’s fifth highest volcano, Tungurahua.  It is a really fun place to relax between or after climbs, and offers visitors all manner of activities from bungee jumping, to hiking, to zip lines, to renting motorbikes.  If you go to Ecuador, you have to check out Baños!

Here is Vanessa!

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