Blasic Family Climbs Corazon in Ecuador

We had to look for another climb for today after our original objective, the volcano Cotopaxi, decided to erupt for the first time in more than 50 years.   Luckily, Ecuador has many volcanoes to choose from, and we were able to shift gears and climb an extinct volcano, Corazon (15,600ft).   It was a big day as we started at about 10,500ft and covered many miles approaching the mountain.  It was a fun climb with some rock scrambling and short roping towards the top.   Everyone did great, and enjoyed a long day high in the central Andes of Ecuador!

Tomorrow (Monday) we’ll be heading to the city of Riobamba, the capitol of the Chimbarazo Province and the 3rd largest city in Ecuador.   From there, we will be heading up to our final objective, Chimbarazo, the highest peak in Ecuador.


Here’s Greg checking in this evening:


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