West Rib Team Makes a Summit Bid!

A very happy Pablo Puruncajas called in from the 17,200′ High Camp to let us know that he, Seth and Juliana are taking a shot at the summit today!  They awoke to calm conditions at camp, although there were signs of wind up above.  They decided to take a hike uphill to about 18,000′ at a place known as Denali Pass, which is the low point between Denali’s two summits.  The South Peak is the higher of the two, and after reaching Denali Pass, the team will reassess conditions and team health, etc to decide if they will continue for the top.

Each Mountain Trip team carries a satellite based, GPS tracking device, which ordinarily allows us to track a team’s progress.  Unfortunately, technology can be fickle in extreme environments such as the upper parts of Denali and Pablo’s pot tracker has not been functioning for a number of days.  We will update as we hear from him!


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