May 18 Denali – Dave Calls From 14,200′

David Bopp called in a nice update from 14,200′ today.  The team dropped down to pick up their cache of supplies that they had left at about 13,500′ a couple days ago.  This makes for a relatively easy day, with a short, 20-30 minute hike down to the cache site and about an hour or so of carrying it all back to camp.

They hope to carry loads up the steepest part of the route tomorrow, establishing a cache at around 16,400′ on a stunningly beautiful ridge that will eventually lead the team to high camp on the mountain.  The weather has been challenging up high, but appears to have improved and the team, which was delayed for a number of days before they could even fly to the glacier, is ready to capitalize on any opportunity to move higher.

Here is Dave, with a nice shout out to some family members!

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  1. Great to hear your voice Dave! Hoping and praying that this climb today goes well!

    Happy Veteran’s Day (late)

    We are so proud of all you do and more importantly who you are!

    Love and prayers. Mom and dad

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