May 14 Team – Ready For the Summit

denali summit map


Sebastian called in on behalf of the May 14th West Buttress team.  They moved up to High Camp and are hoping to awaken early tomorrow to decent weather, so they can make a shot for the summit!

Summit day on Denali requires pretty good weather, as even on a good day, it is a hard day.  The weather has been holding for the team and we are all wishing them well, with fingers crossed!

Here is Seba:

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  1. Thrilled just thrilled for the entire May 14th team…..with a little extra Bachelorette/M&M high five to Debbie 🙂

  2. Levataccia, eh? Noi qui a gubbiare al calduccio però impegnatissimi ad evocare il bel tempo per voi: “Jesce sole, jesce sole, nun te fa’ cchiù suspirà!”.
    E in boccallllupo per il summit push!

  3. Yeah!! You’ve made it!!! Praying for good weather!! Us cheeseheads couldn’t be more proud of you Debbie!!

  4. Wendy, praying for you every day. Be safe and know we are so proud of you. Can’t wait to see the pictures at the summit. Love you, Dort and George.

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