Everest Team Descends Down to Camp 2 – Call From Jacob

The team got down to Camp 2 around 9pm this evening after a very windy morning at the S. Col today.  They wanted to get out of there early this morning, but were a bit pinned down due to high winds and gusts of over 50 mph.  Our team is all good and everyone including our Sherpa staff is safe and sound at C2 now while the winds rage above.  They will probably take tomorrow to rest at C2 and then get an early start to Everest Base Camp the following morning.

Jacob reported that there were many tents destroyed up at the S. Col during this storm, but our gear all hung in there and everyone and all the gear is down to C2!

Here’s Jacob, calling in from Camp 2!


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  1. Delighted to hear you are all well and made it safely to Camp 2 with all your equipment and tents intact. Take a well deserved rest and hopefully we will hear from you soon from Base Camp. Fantastic achievement , a hearty congratulations to all the team especially Terry K .Terry I’m suggesting you take up knitting …. . Lots of love Jackie , Rachael, Fearghal and Lorcan

    • you must be so proud Jackie and congrats to all . Safe return home . Jackie I have a few cross stitching patterns I can send you if you want …. potentially safer than knitting XXXX

    • Relieved to hear they are back to Camp 2 safely too, Jackie … can’t imagine what that feels like for you guys. Hope to start seeing photos appear on FB soon of the summit and maybe, one day, we’ll hear the adventure story in person too (though you’ll probably have heard it enough by then!). By the way, Donna is a very skilled and creative knitter … I am pretty sure she could teach Mr T a thing or two … not sure he could cope with the excitement, though 😛

  2. Congratulations to all MT/MM’s Everest 2017 expedition members! Folks at home greatly appreciate guides Jacob & Ossy, as well as the invaluable climbing & support Sherpa who are associated with this successful endeavor. Success on big mountains means SO much more than a summit. Tomorrow I’ll have a long-awaited, joyful reunion with hubbie, Chris J. I know his lungs will love being back at Portland’s 50 ft (15.24m) elevation. Other team members’ families – your reunion joy is coming soon!

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