May 22 Denali West Buttress Expedition at Base Camp

Climber Scott Wheeler called in from Denali Base Camp on behalf of the Mountain Trip May 22 West Buttress Expedition after a smooth flight in to the Kahiltna Glacier from Talkeetna, AK last night (May 23).

They quickly set up their camp in a storm more fit for December than May, and enjoyed a hearty dinner cooked by their guides, and seem to be eager to move further up the route towards their objective.

Scott said that despite constant snow since their arrival, the team is doing very well and everyone is in good spirits. The team is preparing to carry all of their gear and supplies, aside from what they decide to cache back at base camp for their return, up to Camp 1. The route between base camp and Camp 1 is generally heavily traveled, even during storms, and will be marked for the climbers even if the route is obscured by fresh snow.

We wish them the best of luck on the beginning of their journey up the Great One. The weather outlook appears to improve in the coming days, especially at lower elevations. Among the giants of the Alaska Range, it is always best to expect the unexpected in terms of weather, and winter can preside in any month of the year.

Here’s Scott:

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  1. Hi Scott…Tony, Milan and I at my desk listening to your first update. We wish you well and look forward to more updates. We feel like you are carrying us along with you. Hugs, Pat

  2. We enjoy hearing your voice, Scott. We know who goes before you..”The God of angel armies is always by your side”. Love and hugs to all of you. Mom and Papa/Dad.

  3. Awesome to hear an update from you Scott. Onward and upward to victory and history!!
    Mike & Wendy

  4. So glad to keep in touch with your progress!!!1 Wishing you guys all the best as you continue on with your expedition.

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