May 15 Denali Team – Weather and Rest Day at 11,200′

Shaun Scott reported on behalf of the May 15th West Buttress team.  They had planned to climb up to Camp 3 at 14,200′ today, but they were unable to do so, due to a thick band of poor weather that has settled over the mountain.  This weather layer tops out below Camp 3, but it was rough enough to keep them stuck in camp for the day.

The team spent the day resting, after five hard days of work, and fortifying their camp in anticipation of a storm that has been forecasted to arrive today.  They built walls of snow blocks around their tents to provide protection against the predicted high winds.  They have plenty of food and fuel, and are prepared for what may come!

Here’s Shaun!

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  1. Hearts thankful and blessed to hear your voice Shaun! We too are thankful for the discernment of the guides and their expertise and care for the team in making these decisions. You’re in good hands! Continued prayers for safety for you, Eric, and the team…

    steve and susan

  2. Hey Shaun It sounds like it’s getting a little rough out there. As you told us right from the get go this was not going to be a cake walk. I know this is the stuff that you like to do so hang in there and stay safe. We will write again tomorrow.

    Your Friends, Greg and Elaine

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