May 19th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Back Carry from Camp 2

A climber from the May 19th West Buttress Denali Expedition called in, and unfortunately their transmission is cut off (as if often the case at Camp 2), but we believe that they were excited to report that they completed a successful “back carry” and now are settled in to life at the 11,200′ Camp 2! 

Listen here: Audio Recording


Heading down with empty packs and sleds to retrieve a cache, aka the “Back Carry”.

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  1. So good to hear a bit of your voice Ben Vella! Pity it broke off after 19 seconds. Love you lots.

    Amazing efforts team. You are all making such good progress. Keep up the positive spirits, laugh together, enjoys the highs and lows of it all. I am sure many people from around the world are thinking of you.


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