June 11 Team Caches Gear up at 10,000 ft

Teri called in from the June 11 Denali team today with the evening expedition update from Camp 1 (7,800 ft).  Today they carried a load of food, fuel, and some extra equipment up to around 10,000 ft on the upper Kahiltna Glacier where they buried it in the snow and will pick it up in a few days.  This is called making a “cache” and allows them to move their gear up the mountain in smaller loads, and gives the climbers more chance to acclimatize to the increasingly higher altitudes as they move up the mountain.  They returned to camp for the night, and tomorrow will pack everything up and move all the way up to Camp 2.   It sounds like they enjoyed decent weather today, and are having a good time!

Listen to the dispatch from Camp 1:

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  1. For Jim Rickards:
    Thank you for that wonderful message.
    (the air must be getting really thin .. )
    The only news you have missed is that you are now
    the proud owner of two very fertile peach trees.
    I love you too .. stay warm. ox

  2. So great to hear your voice and humor Teri. My life has gone to the dogs! Ha ha! Everyone is well and happy. I walk Rosie and Georgie every day, and Muffin followed yesterday and thinks he’s a dog. Rosie smuggles up with me every night. Glad to hear you and Ryan are dong well. Hugs, kisses, and prayers. Mom/Cathy

  3. Hope all is going according to plan – be smart – be safe – Jim R has a ton of people behind him wish him and everyone else God’s speed.

  4. So great to hear from team J11! Since you left the 40 days of rain has stopped in the East and the Korean War has ended. Not bad! We’re all saying lots of prayers for your safe journey, and a special Saint Michael’s novena has begun for Jim & team. Go J11! Lots of love from Diane, Terri & Jack.

  5. Good to hear Teri’s voice. Keep climbing for those of us who cannot. I may never get off these crutches!

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