June 11 Team Moves to Camp 1

The Team moved from Base Camp to Camp 1 today, gaining about 600′ in elevation and traveling a total of five miles up the Kahiltna Glacier. It’s a rather straightforward day, but difficult in that the team is carrying the heaviest loads. Climbers manage this by using sleds to help them move the kit necessary for a 21 day expedition. By dividing weight between a backpack and a sled, climbers distribute the weight such that their hips, back and shoulders aren’t bearing the brunt of the full load. This is important because this type of climbing is an exercise in endurance, and climbers need to be as gentle as possible with their bodies on a day-to-day basis in order for their strength to last the full three weeks.

denali team leaves base camp

Mountain Trip Denali expedition leaves base camp

denali kahiltna glacier


Here’s Julian with todays’s report:


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