June 18 Denali Team – Mellow Backcarry from 13,500′

Denali was kind to the June 18th Team today, and Mountain Trip Guide Logan Demarcus reports that the crew took advantage of the good weather.  They had a leisurely breakfast before dropping down about 700′ to retrieve a cache of supplies they had deposited a couple days earlier.  It took less than a half hour to get to the 13,500′ cache site, where they dug into the snow, sorted out their loads and enjoyed the view before shouldering packs for the hour+ hike back to camp.

Logan’s update shared the menu for the day, which consisted of sausage and bagel breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and Karl Welter’s “Walking Tacos” for dinner.  Food is important on an expedition, as is evident from the prominent mention it received in the dispatch!

Here’s Logan!

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