SUMMIT! June 11 Team

Congratulations to the June 11th Team for reaching the summit of Denali! It was hard work and the team endured through difficult weather conditions, but they kept their pace and made good decisions and today Julian and Kristin stood on the summit. It sounds like they had the summit to themselves—awesome. We’ll post more information as we receive it from the team.

denali summit

A Mountain Trip climber approaches the very summit of Denali, with the dramatic summit ridge in the background.


Here’s Julian and Kristin:

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  1. Congratulations June 11th Team for reach the summit!!! Very, very nice! Really a dramatic summit ridge (photo)!!
    Luiz, I’m very proud of you, but no Everest ok?!? Quatro montanhas mais altas dos continentes e quatro sucessos (100 %)! Dureza mesmo é o Pico do Frade (brincadeira!!!). Te amamos e te esperamos em segurança em casa (desce já daí menino!). Desça com cuidado e curta a montanha! Um beijo. Simone.

  2. I’m sorry, I guess everybody was on summit. Congratulations for Julian that summited yesterday.
    And congratulations everybody for trying!! Simone.

    • Dear Cathy Laughna,
      My husband Luiz unfortunately not. However, he is ok at home with adventures to report. Feel free to send me an e-mail If you want ([email protected]). Simone Schreiner (from Brazil).

  3. Does anyone know the details on who reached the summit? The report seems to be ambiguous. I hope Jim was among the summiteers!

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