June 11 Team at High Camp 17,200′

It was a cold, windy day on the upper mountain but the team was able to move to High Camp at 17,200′. They retraced their steps up the Headwall, made their way carefully along the beautiful ridgeline above the Genet basin, passed their cache site, and arrived at High Camp. It’s definitely some of the more interesting climbing on the route and the views are stunning.

Denali Guides High Camp

A fortified Mountain Trip team at High Camp


Tonight the team will be eating, hydrating, and preparing for a summit attempt tomorrow. Good luck, team!

Here’s Nicole:

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  1. Congrats team on getting to high camp with the weather conditions! Get some rest Teri and get your summit tomorrow!! We’ll celebrate when you’re back in NC!! Your a badass my friend. Stay safe!

  2. Teri and Ryan – the 5 Points tribe is rooting for you and looking forward to when you get home. PS – swim meet was actually cold last night!

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