May 3rd Denali Team – Wheels Up For Base Camp!

Denali team air taxi

Here we go!  The team drove from Anchorage to the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska this morning, where they completed some National Park Service requirements, loaded their gear onto ski-equipped, fixed wing airplanes and took off for the Alaska Range, destination – Denali Base Camp!

Everyone was excited to get on the move and with the cooperation of some good weather, they are now setting up camp at 7,200 feet (2195 m) on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  In the coming days, they will work their way up the long Kahiltna Glacier en route to the West Buttress of Denali.

Mother Nature does not always cooperate and allow climbers to fly on their planned day, so this good fortune might bode well for our climbers!

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  1. Wat fijn om te horen dat jullie veilig vertrokken zijn naar het basiskamp. Succes met het opzetten van de tenten. Ik weet dat Robert hier heel erg goed in is…. (dus niet haha)
    Knuffels van ons allemaal.

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