May 26th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Retrieves Cache below Camp 3

Climber Luke Shaw with the May 26th West Buttress Denali Expedition called in to say “Whaddup world?!” and give us a little recap of his team’s progress: they retrieved their cache below Camp 3 and are fully setup at 14,200′. 

Luke also gives some special shout outs to some friends and family back home.

Give it a listen! Audio Recording

Heading down with empty packs and sleds from Camp 3 to retrieve a cache, aka the “Back Carry”.

Thanks Luke for the fun message! Now that the team is fully established at “14-Camp” they will begin getting ready for the upper mountain. This often includes getting some rest to acclimatize, practicing with their ascender to prepare for going up the fixed lines, and of course, enjoying the view!

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The sunset from Camp 3.

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