June 9 Team Back in High Camp After a Summit Attempt

The team gave it valiant effort. They were patient and focused on the objective, but during their summit attempt the weather moved in strongly and the team had to turn around and head back to High Camp. It’s always difficult to make this type of decision, but based on the burley conditions, it was the correct decision for the team’s wellbeing.

Today the team caught up on some rest and we expect the team to descend to 14 Camp this afternoon. We expect the team will call in a new report once they’ve arrived at 14 Camp.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    We are all in awe and amazed at what you and your team are have accomplished. Get home safe. We want to hear the stories and we have lots plans for you to review 🙂 _Kathy Harold SFFD

  2. Hey Aaron, this is a bummer… I spent 12 days at 14 camp and it sucks BIG TIME when the weather doesn’t allow a summit. Let’s head up there next year together!!Take care my friend.

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