June 9 West Buttress Team – Rest Day at High Camp 17k

The June 9 Team spent day 19 of their expedition resting at High Camp, 17k. Rest days at high camp are slow moving with naps, meals of Mountain House, instant oatmeal and a constant watch on the weather. The team hoped to make a summit bid yesterday but the window closed.  This is not an uncommon occurrence, as the summit of Denali has a habit of making its own weather.

Perhaps the summit day is today! The team is psyched and looking for the next possible opportunity. We’ll keep everyone posted.

It’s a bit in and out but here’s Guide, Maddie Crowell:


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  1. Fantastic effort on the summit attempt. Disappointed for your team. Bet it was an outstanding epic trip. I am envious. Great job Eli making the right decisions. It’s not easy with the weather and everyone’s desire to summit. Ross this just means you have a chance to go back with me. I’ll be riding in back on your sled. Great effort and be safe traveling down hill.

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